You star in the upcoming book
"Sensual Freedom: 50 Shades of Monogamish", learning key lessons along your adventure.


About the Book:

Based on the true story of Sensual Freedom's founder, "Sensual Freedom: 50 Shades of Monogamish" is an adventure book like no other.

You star in the book, making choices that change the outcome of the story. With over 15 endings to experience, the book can be enjoyed over and over.

The book takes place across your life, focused on love and your relationships with the opposite sex along the way.

Powerful life lessons abound and are highlighted in the book that can be applied to your own love life.

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Sample Page:

You get a random invite this morning from a friend to a Poly social meetup tonight. Its held at a bar and filled with people who see deep romantic love in relationships as a possibility with multiple people involved. This whole single thing has been going smashingly well; and you now have 3 semi regular lovers, which, along with the occasional fleeting lovers, keeps your schedule quite full most of the week.

Here's an idea, let's set an intention for the first time ever, to *not* go home with a girl tonight and just make new friends.

You enjoy a fun day at a street festival and at about 5pm rock up to Polkaville, a groovy bar with a "Leisure Suit Larry" feel to it, quite apt. There's quite an eclectic mix of people present, this poly thing doesn't seem to have many bounds on its inclusion, though there's a distinct lack of religious people here.

After doing the rounds in Monkey mode with most people there, you rock up to 2 guys and a girl who've recently arrived. One guy looks very familiar, it bugs you that you and him can't remember where from. The other guy looks and acts incredibly confident, is it legit? Hard to tell on initial impression. You already noticed the girl of course, before the guys, who wouldn't have as she's stunningly beautiful. A petite European girl who looks about 20 with a West Coast American accent, golden locks of hair, shining eyes & a smile that would stop most guys in the street. Thankfully your training & tonight's intention doesn't have you drooling over her as you might have in the past, so you've focused your attention on the other two people first.

You spark fun conversation, with one line standing out "I'm just here to make friends, my schedule is full when it comes to partners.". Borderline cocky, but it rings effective in this environment. The group is curious, so you rattle off a couple stories from your colorful past about your Sensual Freedom. 

All the while you feel yourself quite drawn to this girl's looks though, good lord that smile of hers is destroying your intention by the moment, what do you do?

A. Stick to your intention, just befriend everyone this evening. - Go to page X.
B. Screw the intention, she's ultra fine so go for gold. - Go to page Y.
C. This poly thing is weird, let's bail on this now & go home. Go to page Z.