At the heart of Sensual Freedom are 6 "Essences"

These "Essences" or ways of being we can authentically highlight from our infinite potentiality as humans. Similar to trying on a new jacket or make up, we can try on new ways of being and see if we'd like them to integrate into who we are unconsciously. 

We go far deeper into these distinctions at our events and in the book, enter your details to be kept in the loop.


Monkey: Playful - Attractive - Curiosity

  • Makes fun and casual observations
  • Light hearted
  • Gives big hugs & cheek kisses
  • Thinks of every social environment as being their birthday party
  • Accepts everyone not acting evil



Owl: Discerning - Observing - Attention

  • Filter for incompatibility for friendship
  • Qualify other's engagement and their own
  • Determine level of openness
  • Saves itself from long term hurt with potential partners (heartbreak/sexual disease/unwanted pregnancy)



Giraffe: Depth - Heart - Fascination

  • Makes others feel like the most important person in that moment
  • Compassionate Communication 
  • Discover shared values & passions
  • Filter for drastic differences in values
  • Warm sensuality is the key to avoiding friendzoning

Dragon: Sexy - Determined - Desire

  • No response after a minute go back
  • Triangle look. Eye, other eye, mouth, first eye
  • Create a safe space for a "hell yes" to arise
  • Ying Surrenders, Yang Initiates
  • Staying in sensual realms, just has them want it more
  • Filter for sexual incompatibility 




Bear: Lasting - Companionship - Affection

  • Strong connected hugs
  • Gratitude & serving
  • Filter for logistical incompatibility
  • Both become Yang and Ying




Lion: Strength - Clarity - Pride

  • Ongoing admiration and respect
  • Trust and interdependence
  • United front
  • Creativity and consistency
  • Love languages