In this world of digital separation and transient romance our intimate fulfillment is forgotten or worse, avoided.

At Sensual Freedom we awaken the embodying of 6 "Essences" or ways of being, allowing us to experience more open everyday connections, deeper relationships & self acceptance.

Here you will find resources offering a basic understanding of the 6 essences and access to our interactive experiences that bring the teachings to life.


Gain an overview of the 6 "Essences": Monkey, Owl, Giraffe, Dragon, Bear & Lion. These 6 essences are the foundation of Sensual Freedom.


Discover upcoming Sensual Freedom events. Immersive, interactive and fun, these events will get you in touch with your deepest capacity for intimacy 

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Sensual Freedom's founder, is creating a book where you journey through unlocking your own sensual freedom. Your choices determine your outcome and the lessons you learn along the way.

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