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1st Melbourne Transfiguration+

$25 Standard Entry
$5 off for Early Bird (on or before 15/08/15)
$5 off for bringing a Transfiguration+ Virgin
$5 off for a 10 word Facebook share of the event with 3 friend tags

5 of each only available

Transfiguration+ (previously The Embodied Sensuality Circle) is a sacred circle that creates safe space for self-measured intimacy between the Ying and the Yang (also commonly known as Feminine & Masculine ). This is a fully clothed, non sexual event.

Each participant is first given the chance to deeply connect with either their own Ying or the Yang energies. We then come together and connect with an opposite energy partner in a 3-minute session, then continually rotate to other partners. The first minute of each session involves an eye-gazing transfiguration. A simple non-intrusive, non-verbal communication signals the depth of sensuality the following 2-minutes encompass. Depending on the individuals attending, we may unanimously agree as a group to go into a deeper exercise (from more advanced workshops) afterwards.

The result is an experience of sacred relatedness to the other, with the potential for loving sensual connections between those who wish for it.

The circle is for both singles & those in relationship and full honoring of couples' boundaries is communicated. This is a gay and bi friendly event. Afterwards, you can either get social over a bite or join a cuddle puddle / massage train. 

Hint- Bring some cash with you to prebook securing your place for the next one and avoiding the hassle of ticket purchase.

Kindly share this with your friends for a discount & enjoy a sweet and sensual night together. ♥

Testimonials from similar events:
"Last Wednesday was beautifully and gracefully facilitated in a warm, loving space. With gentle guidance, our intimate group explored six essences we all embody as we brought each to the fore; bathed in love, trust and safety. Definitely come along and join in the gorgeous yummyness awaiting! Xx" ~ Sophie Sucheta Raphael

"It's something that's not just instantly gratifying, even though it actually is pretty instantly gratifying. It's a "life improver". The more you do it, the more enjoyment you get out of life. I feel I really appreciate you putting it on man. F**king awesome." ~ Michael